Thursday, October 9, 2008

Canada Election 2008

Once again - out of the main topic, but I can't be silent, can I?

So I was straggling with myself over understanding what party should I vote for. The challenge was that it's not easy to figure out their election platforms. They do make a lot of noise but when it actually comes to statements there is somehow magically not so much to hear. Who are you talking to, guys? Can't you just drop your theatrical games and speak clearly of what you are about to do?

Of course there are public images that could help making a choice: liberals are "thieves", conservatives are too easily "sold" to private interest groups, bloc are "nationalists", green are "blah" and NDP are "don't know who exactly". But still the statements are much easier to analyze for a thinking person.

Luckily there is this very helpful web page called "Party Game" on that shows the positions of all the parties on the main 8 problems. You take a quiz where you select your choice of a solution for each problem and at the end you see which party aligns the best with your own platform. Very helpful and surprising! Now I almost know who I will be voting for.

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