Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Survey: Ajax usage among .NET developers

If you haven’t already and you are a .NET developer, please take a couple minutes and answer this survey, whether you use Ajax or not. There are a number of Ajax surveys around, but this is the only one that focuses on .NET developers.

The survey:

Friday, May 1, 2009

Enabling a WCSF solution for sub-Web Application Project

If in your Web Client Software Factory (aka WCSF) solution you use Web Application Project (as opposed to Web Site Project) for your web site you are able to use a so called sub-Web Application Project in order to further modularize your web application.

If you created a WAP WCSF solution from scratch this option will be available. If, however, you converted your Web Site WCSF solution to WAP WCSF solution or upgraded from the previous version of WCSF this option may not appear when you are trying to add a new business module to your solution.

Visibility of the "Create as sub-Web Application Project" checkbox depends on one single property of a solution file and if you don't see the checkbox open the .sln file with any text editor and check out that it contains the follwoing content:

  GlobalSection(ExtensibilityGlobals) = postSolution
  IsWCSFSolutionWAP = True

Usually this section is located in the bottom of a .sln file and the red line is the key to solving the problem. If you don't see the line in your solution file simply add it and reload the solution in Visual Studio. Problem solved.