Hello, my name is Alexander Turlov.

I am a seasoned software developer and architect. I am a certified Microsoft and Azure expert and certified Agile/scrum practitioner focused on excellence and high ROI in software development and and IT operations.

I help build and deliver software development projects and consult through Alta Computing Inc. I also occasionally write articles and speak at professional community events.

With over 25 years of commercial software development experience across a wide range of technologies, platforms and industries I have successfully delivered solutions for large and small companies including startups.

My Core Expertise

  • Innovative software product development
  • Agile process and project management
  • Agile software development and delivery
  • Team building, leading and mentoring
  • Software architecture, design and development
  • Cloud first development and delivery
  • Cloud adoption and migration

My Technologies and Tools of Choice (including but not limited to)

  • Microsoft .NET Core framework with C#, ASP.NET and WebAPI
  • Azure DevOps and GitHub for project management and automation
  • Azure cloud services
  • Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code
  • Azure SQL Database and Cosmos DB with Entity and OData frameworks
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript and Angular framework
  • Apache Spark and Scala for big data processing

Contact me

at aturlov at altacomputing dot com or visit my LinkedIn profile