Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New version of ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit released

The new release of ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit is available for download. Bertrand Le Roy has written a very informative post about it.

What I particularly like in this new release is that the Color Picker extender is now included in the Ajax Control Toolkit. Hooray!

Along with the new Toolkit release there come a whole bunch of new tutorials and videos. Among them there are this particularly nice tutorial about the Color Picker extender and another excellent video tutorial by Joe Stagner. Thank you folks for such a great job!

What that means for the Color Picker Extender users is that they don't have to download it separately from Codeplex anymore because it is included in the Ajax Control Toolkit. For those who cannot yet switch to the new version of ACT the original Color Picker Extender control will continue to be available on Codeplex. During the next few days I will prepare and upload a new release synced up with the Ajax Control Toolkit.

It is very educating to read people's opinions about the new release of ACT in response to blog posts and on Codeplex. In general, the responses are positive, but occasionally there are some complaints, mostly about little things.

I would like to remind everybody that Ajax Control Toolkit is a completely community-based initiative (with, of course, the initial kick-off help from Microsoft) and people who work on it take time out of their personal calendars so let's be more tolerant and if you've come across something really bad please use the Issue Tracker.

As I mentioned before, I specifically was interested in reading responses about the ColorPicker.  Interestingly, all the complaints were about its look and feel, not about functionality. I admit that the UI it provides is rather simplistic but here is my question back: why don't you all take some time and come up with feedbacks and suggestions on what can be improved?

Since the ColorPicker was publicly available on CodePlex it's been downloaded more then 2000 times (and I don't count downloads of ACT source code) and only a few people suggested something about improving it. I take it as everybody has been satisfied.

Now that the CPE is a part of the ACT and has a bit more visibility I suggest that people who have suggestions or concerns please don't hesitate to speak up.

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