Friday, February 17, 2017

Intel Network Cards are a Disappointment: still no solutions

For years, Intel network cards both wired and wireless have been a standard of quality, performance and compatibility in my book. Unfortunately, this situation is changing rather quickly. Recently, the quality of hardware and software drivers of the Intel products have been disappointing. There are compatibility problems with Windows 10 and I haven't found solutions to resolve the problems described below. I am sharing this information in the attempt to help other people avoid the problems if they can.

Note. The Intel network cards in my past experience had always been a top grade standard of quality and performance. Unfortunately, not any more and I don't feel any loyalty to the brand any longer.

Problem 1

Intel Wireless + Bluetooth notebook adapter Intel Centrino® Wireless-N 2230

After upgrading to Windows 10 this adapter does not work any more. The problem is easily found using an Internet search with numerous reports and no solutions. The problem is that the adapter drops a Wi-Fi connection quickly and frequently and after a few drops disconnects completely with a hardware error entry in the Windows event log.

Note: under Windows 8.1 this adapter worked flawlessly.

Intel claims they have released the latest drives in the Windows 10 distribution and doesn't have any updates. Windows 10 does recognize the adapter but it misbehaves consistently with the mentioned driver. The only resolution if you want to keep Windows 10 is to replace an adapter with another brand.

Note: an attempt to use the older Windows 8.1 drivers with Windows 10 did not help: the older driver misbehaves exactly the same way.

Problem 2

Intel wired Intel Ethernet Connection I219-LM

The adapter randomly but regularly disconnects form the network with a warning entry in the event log under Windows 10 on a brand new computer. No driver updates exist nor help with this problem. Numerous reports and no solution can be quickly found on the Internet. This is a very annoying problem as Windows 10 does not really show that the adapter has lost a connection in the icon tray because no error is reported just a warning. You can only figure that out once a program reports that it cannot connect to the Internet. The only remedy is to disable and re-enable the adapter in the network settings. Most of the complaining people install an alternative PCI or USB adapter of a different brand.

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